Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5 Reasons why you should use Fedora Linux

"I just got a blue screen...."
"my laptop just keeps restarting and i don't know why..."
"I want to do an RHCE can my Ubuntu help me???...."
"I'm getting too many mails I did not subscribe for...."

These are FAQ's I see on several IT forums. I am going to tell you 5 reasons why you should use Fedora Linux.

1) Security
System Security - Need I say much about this. 1 major default line of defence over Ubuntu;SELinux. Fedora comes preconfigured with SELinux and a RH-Firewall settings.
Mail security - Spamassasin is free. Get it. You can create your own MDA.
No more blue screens. Kiss the blue screen away and welcome Fedora Core 11. Virus free.
Guess what! Download Open Office for free. It has all the MS Office stuff you need and more..

2) Standardization - RedHat distros are used by enterprises usually due to support and strict standard implementation. A good way to learn Linux is to use a RedHat based distro. Fedora Linux is the choice for most web servers across the world. RHCE is one of the hottest certifications in the United States and several part of Europe. If you learn from Fedora or Red Hat you can easily administer any Linux distro. If you learn from Ubuntu, you have several things to learn to cover up. Several CDC devices run on RH based strips.

3) Speed - So you have full power to recompile and tune the kernel to improve performance.
Linux doesn't wait for one year to fix vulnerabilities like Microsoft. Read It...

4) Userability - You can choose KDE, Fluxbox or Gnome. All provide lots of frontend apps to cli functions.

5) Application support - Of course there are thousands of forums for Linux and Open source products. If you use a RedHat then you can get support too.

What are you waiting for download Fedora Core 11 and feel the power Infinity, Freedom and Friends...