Monday, May 6, 2013

Building my LAPP stack from Scratch

As I sat down pondering what the next challenge was for me after completing the development of OpenUSSD, it hit me, I wanted to go back to the basics and do something with Python and PostgreSQL. I decided to build a tiny linux distro that has Apache,Python+Django and PostgreSQL, then probably add up few packages for Mobile Technologies and for OS hardening and monitoring. Look out for the latest build of Kannel on this distro folks!
I still haven't decided on what to call it, but I'd stick with mLAPP for now, more like "my LAPP" stack and I surely will make it available for download once I'm done. This will come with lots of Python 'batteries' I have found very useful, including OpenUSSD. Lets see what happens in the next month or two as I start this beautiful journey.. I will try to give weekly updates on my progress.
Remember this is going to be a black box style distro.

Till then, keep tuxing and pythoning!


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Tribute to Kennedy Kasina

Its sad that my first post after going silent in over slightly a year has to be a tribute to one of the guys who has played a significant top role in my career as a programmer.
Well who knows tomorrow...

Kennedy Kasina remains my legend in programming. I started with programming in Java, Ken inspired me to take it to the next level with Python.
We joined several Open Source groups to learn new technologies and contribute to the growing community of Free Software.

I'm going to keep this brief, because the more I type the more the pain his loss brings to me as a close friend.

OpenUSSD our project that gained so much attention when we launched it is a project that has been completed and this was largely due to the push it received from this great guy Ken Kasina.

Ken gave off himself to help as many people as he could. He soared through the challenges of life with his chest up.  I learnt to conquer my fears and embrace a world of large possibilities.

Thank you Ken Kasina. You will forever be remembered in the books of programming legends.