Monday, May 6, 2013

Building my LAPP stack from Scratch

As I sat down pondering what the next challenge was for me after completing the development of OpenUSSD, it hit me, I wanted to go back to the basics and do something with Python and PostgreSQL. I decided to build a tiny linux distro that has Apache,Python+Django and PostgreSQL, then probably add up few packages for Mobile Technologies and for OS hardening and monitoring. Look out for the latest build of Kannel on this distro folks!
I still haven't decided on what to call it, but I'd stick with mLAPP for now, more like "my LAPP" stack and I surely will make it available for download once I'm done. This will come with lots of Python 'batteries' I have found very useful, including OpenUSSD. Lets see what happens in the next month or two as I start this beautiful journey.. I will try to give weekly updates on my progress.
Remember this is going to be a black box style distro.

Till then, keep tuxing and pythoning!