Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Infrastructure Design

This week has been quite hectic. From working on implementation stuff in the office, I had now taken on my new role of redesigning infrastructure for the company I work for.
We currently have a single point of failure for our services which is causing heavy down time and loss of revenue to the company.
The new design I came up with has the following objectives:

1. Provision of Highly Available Service including transparent Failover across over 20 servers. '
2. Provide a Highly Available scaled backend system that holds core data at high levels of read and write.
3. Enhance System and Service Monitoring
4. Enhance User Management and promote ease of work.

Tools to be harnessed in this new infrastructure design include:

HA Proxy
RoundRobin DNS
Fedora mirror manager

This setup has attracted the interest of Infrastructure experts of Fedora such as Mike Mcgrath and Sascha Spreitzer.
The results from the Model Lab will be shared with the infrastructure team members of Fedora. I will also share it on my blog so I will keep you updated on the proceedings.

Till then stay tuned and lets get ready next week as we setup the model lab.
I'll take you through each day and what the results of each test are.