Sunday, March 28, 2010

Maintaining Cyber Anonymity with Fedora Linux

I'll show you how to remain anonymous with your activities on the internet and browse securely.
This helps you keep your identity hidden.

Fedora Linux(Fedora 12 preferable)
Mozilla Firefox browser

1. Install Tor and Privoxy on your Fedora box
#yum install privoxy tor

2. Using the vi editor,as root, edit the privoxy config file to include this line
forward-socks4a / .
This can be found few lines after the line which reads
# 5.2. forward-socks4, forward-socks4a and forward-socks5
comment out the line:
jarfile jarfile

#vi /etc/privoxy/conf

3. Start the privoxy and tor services
#service privoxy start
#service tor start
Start up your Mozilla Firefox.
Edit your network settings to include privoxy as your proxy server and tor as your socks server.

We are done. 3 simple steps.

Watch out for my next article when I put up a code for monitoring bot activity on your ssh server running off CentOS,Fedora or RedHat.