Thursday, December 23, 2010

FAD 2011 in Ghana

I get excited any time I have to share something about Fedora with the community. Fedora made a massive presence in Ghana during IDLELO 2010 held at AITI where Pierros(.fas:ppapadeas) and myself(.fas:linuxthomass) represented the Fedora Community.
Next year, we make our presence felt again with the Fedora Activity Day(FAD) 2011.
Fedora has a dedication to spreading the word about Freedom in software development and by living a true FOSS life. This is manifested in what is contained in Fedora.
In 2011 we hope to extend the fever of freedom to Ghana once more. So come get some swag(stickers,t-shirts,badges,laptop stickers and many more..)
Activities to be held are as follows and not necessarily in the order below:

1. Installfest. Liberating imprisoned computer application developers and users users into freedom. From other OS's to Fedora Linux. 100% Software Freedom.

2. How to join fedora and contributing to subprojects.
a) Getting a mentor when you join the Fedora ambassadors.
b) Packaging applications from sources into RPM.

3. Getting personal on Fedora:
a) Tweaking your Fedora to speak Ghanaian languages.
b) Tweaking configurations for increased performance
b) Basic ways to hack and secure your personal computer or enterprise servers.

4. Systems administration of up to 8 servers(Clustering,Monitoring,Security) using tools on Fedora/RedHat/Centos.

5. Virtualization using KVM from
GUI to terminal .

6. Understanding and Applying Software Engineering principles in Fedora.
Case Study: Coding away with Python for (systems administration and general application development-GUI with PyGTK2.0)

7. Creating your own spin(version) of Fedora.

8. Hacking competition(Phase 1- Code hacking and packaging applications into Git. Phase 2- Hacking the network-Setting up services and the network,Phase-3 Setting up a Fedora mirror for LAN based updates)

NB://The items on this list are subject to change as its still under review at the moment. But this is a tentative activity list.

The 2 major questions I have received before this blog post are:
1. Where and when will it be held?
2. How much will it cost to signup for FAD?

Well..guess what...we at Fedora believe in freedom and giving to the community so we say
1. It will be held at either Ashesi University Campus in Labone or at AITI-KACE. Date to be announced soon.
2. And guess what...its free. Redhat has decided to bare the cost for all who visit this massive 3 days event.

So get your laptops ready for some real geeking and freedom the Fedora way...

Drop a question or comment and I will be glad to respond.


Till we meet...its
Freedom Regards,


  1. Keep up that great Fedora spirit :)

  2. Good work Thomas, am looking forward to the events. keep me posted