Thursday, December 23, 2010

Open Source Projects for 2011

I have always agreed with Linus Torvalds on a few statements,one of them is: "The best way to do software is open source". Over the years my experience in the telecommunications industry has helped me understand that there are a few needs that still have to be satisfied.
Some technologies have come of age and are used heavily, however businesses continue to operate at high cost due to the use of proprietary software and they end up suffering limitations bound by the purchasing of such software. My motivation is simple: Provide high end technology,done correctly and free of restrictions.
I chose 3 main projects to initiate and it has attracted the attention of very experienced programmers across Africa like Kennedy Kasina of the Fedora Project and Bernard Owuor who recently won an award at the Samsung Apps Contest all from Kenya.
We believe this is our way to give back to the community and we believe this will go a long way to put Africa on the technology front and to make software more Open.

The 3 projects are:
OpenUssd: USSD Technology is been used for services such as media download and mobile commerce. Our objective is to provide an interface that allows businesses to connect into operators who provide standard integration interfaces. OpenUSSD addresses a simple objective of giving companies an all-in-one Enterprise USSD Client platform for integration into almost any USSD Gateway with support for SOAP,RAW-XML,XML-RPC,SMPP and HTTP POST.

OpenSMS: One may argue that there are so many sms clients available for download. Our goal behind opensms is to provide a very light weight yet Enterprise Level SMSC Server and Client based on SMPP 3.4 and HTTP interfaces that allow for integration into almost any type of Network Operator's SMS Gatway.

OpenCafe: Internet Cafe's across Africa mostly use pirated copies of proprietary internet cafe management software. We want to be a part of a generation that cuts down the use of stolen software. The alternative is to provide a better solution free of charge. OpenCafe follows a server/client model for operation with features such as remote control of client machines,ticketing,accounting,activity monitoring and the like.

We will announce commencement of project activities soon. Keep watching this space or follow me on twitter for updates.
So get your python hats ready and lets do some real coding..

Till then,
Freedom Regards,


  1. 2 projects I would like to contribute when the time is right: OpenUSSD and OpenSMS...

  2. OpenUSSD looks very promising. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I am very interested in starting to develop USSD menu apps. This is exactly what I have been looking for. I will keep an eye on OpenUSSD :-). Keep up the good work d3vnull.